Sligo Window & Door Repairs

We can repair all parts of your Windows & Doors etc.

Full repair service for upvc, aluminium & timber windows and doors in Sligo
We will arrange to come out and give you a free quote for whatever the problem is and guarantee a highly competitive rate.

Window Repairs

Most parts of your window can be easily repaired or replaced, if your window is draughty the most lightly cause is your friction hinge, won't lock or open means your handle or locking system has malfunctioned. This happens because of wear and tear, inferior products or even bad fitting.

Please call for a low cost solution for your problem.

Window faults that can be repaired in Sligo Replacement Window Handles in Sligo Window hinge repairs

Window locks repaired in SligoReplacement vents for windows

Glass Units

If your glass is either cracked of broken down (fogged up/condensation build up) this again is easily changed to a new energy efficient unit... Please call for a competitive price.

Cracked window glass replaced VistaTherm window supplier in Sligo Windows fogged up need replacing due to condensation ingress

Energy Saving Glass Does It Work ?
This is a conservatory with standard double glazing, one glass unit was changed to an energy saving unit, picture tells it all we think...

Windows fogged up need replacing due to condensation ingress

Door Repairs

As with windows above your door parts can be repaired or if needed replaced. Most common problems are multi-point locks, door handles, letter box's, hinges & cylinders. On sliding patio door same as mentioned but including patio door wheels. Please call to discuss your problem.

Door faults repaired in SligoDoor handles replaced or repaired Replacement door furniture Door locks relaced in SligoMortice lock repairs Sliding door repair service in Sligo Upvc door repairs in Sligo